Vintage Quilts

Vintage patchwork is very charming, and the myriad fabrics evoke nostalgic memories of clothes and furnishings from the homes in our past.

I launder the patchwork to remove any marks and to freshen it up. I make any necessary repairs/alterations and where possible I preserve the shaped edges by mounting them on new borders. The patchwork is often quite delicate, so to ensure a long and useful life, I back the patchwork with new cotton fabric, sandwiching it with a warm layer of cotton wadding.



The whole piece is then machine-quilted, and edged with a hand-finished binding. The result is beautiful, and should give pleasure for many more years. The finished quilt can be laundered in the large machine at the launderette, half dry it in the tumble dryer, then finish it off outside in the fresh air. Be careful when pegging out, as the weight of a damp quilt can cause distortion. I prefer to air my quilts draped over a hedge. The cotton wadding will shrink slightly, giving the quilt an antique appearance.

Any paper templates are saved, as they often provide a historical document, and I send them to the customer with the finished quilt